Answered Prayer

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We give God all the glory for the answers to prayer that we receive.


Woman Healed of Rhumatoid Arthritis 

One of our members laid hands on a lady who had Rhumatoid Arthritis in her ankle, upper leg and neck.  Hands were laid on this lady and immediately her ankle stopped hurting, hands were laid another three times and all pain went. Five days later the pain still had not returned.


Successful Operation

Mrs LDH requested prayer for a neighbour's operation to go successfully after damage resulting in previous operation to be corrected.  The operation was successful and he has his life back again.  


Peaceful Neighbour

Ms PG requested prayer aft 10 years of a variety of neighbours in the rented flat above hers.  In that time she had experienced flooding, banging/screams/cursing in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning.  People coming and going at all hours.  After a neighbour told her about praying for a good and considerate neighbour herself after experiencing similiar incident and that how God had answered her prayer she requested prayer for herself.  Ms PG let us know that a new neigbour moved in approximately 2 months ago and she hasn't had any problems since.


Parking Fixed

A woman wrote, thank you for praying re the parking problems which developed after the clamping laws were changed, it had got to the stage where I had to get lifts or a taxi, its taken several years, however,  I have received notification from the landlord that I and others who have paid for a parking place can now install a bollard which will stop illegal parking.


Departmental Exam Success 

Praise the Lord, I Virendra V Navgire appeared for my Departmental Exam MFAS held on 24th April to 27th April 2018. Requesting you humbly to please pray in your individual prayer, family prayer and coming church for success in Department Exam.  Thanking you for your miraculous, valuable prayers, In His Name.  Virendra V Navgir