Missionaries We Support

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Athma Mari Ministries – India

We support Pastor Jacob George who is out on the mission field in the Highrange tea plantations in Kerala, India. The mission has been able to set up schools to educate the young children in the largely hindu dominated environment and there has been tremendous reception to the gospel in the area. Currently Pastor Jacob is overseeing the building work at the Mount Betheny school near the town of Vandiperyar in the mountains of northern Kerala.

The india mission outreach now has a dedicated site - www.athmamari.com, please visit it for full details


Pastor Jacob and his wife Maria

                                                          Pastor Jacob and his wife Maria

Sonshine Corner – Phillipines

Tito Z & Lenida C Aguhayon run two hostels for young girls who have been abandoned by their parents, in the out lying areas of Cebu city in the Philipines. They also oversee a primary school where these girls and some abandoned boys attend. They also run a 'Sonshine' corner both for the rescued children and for other street children in their area.

Nehemiah Bible Training Centre – Wales

John & Sandra Levy returned from missionary service in the far east some 12 years ago only to have God call them to start a Bible training centre to produce correspondence courses for distance learning students who wanted to train for the ministry. The Lord then expanded this ministry so that they now have a fully accredited Bible training centre in central Ghana where African students can train for the ministry.

Go Ye National Ministries - Togo & Ghana

Willie & Sue Davidson have spent many years working for the Lord in Togo and West Ghana. They work with 'Eglise de la Foi' near to the capital Lome. Willie is a director of the Bible school over there and they also run an orphanage and two schools. They organise and teach at many outreach conferences in the north of Togo where there are many unreached tribes. Just recently they have held a conference in the Volta region of West Ghana for pastors and their wives.


Fusion works amongst students in colleges and universities

Hope Carriers Trust Limited

Arthur and Yvonne Etheridge

It all began in August 1997 with a phone call asking Arthur to go to Romania overland to take aid. He was not prepared for what he saw and thus began his life changing journey.

Romania and it’s very poor had won his heart and he and his wife Yvonnes lives would never be the same again. What began as a one off trip has progressed into a life’s work aided by people like Grizelda Adams.

Hope Carriers Trust, is a non profit organisation and works to help the homeless in the UK and to provide assistance to the desperately poor people in eastern Europe.

At home in Hereford, Arthur and Yvonne  provide temporary accommodation and food to homeless people. This shelter gives a much needed breathing space so that individuals have an opportunity to find a longer term solution to their needs, such as help from social services, and to get themselves back on track once more. This support function is vital to help the people Arthur and Yvonne support transition to a more stable future.

In Eastern Europe Hope Carrier Trust  have several projects where they endeavour to protect children in need in Romania. The work was inspired by a vision in 1997 from God, to help suffering people in Romania; to provide them with work and a home to live in.


Arthur loading up the new lorry

Unfortunately, they cannot do this alone and there are still so many people out in Romania that need help. Arthur and Yvonne have started to refurbish a building in OÈ™orhei and are extending  the property, so that more children will have a clean and safe place to stay, instead of the dangerous streets that they have been used to.

In 1997 there were two small vans taking aid and now, 13 years latter, they have their own 14 ton truck going forwards and backwards from England to Romania. They have also sent, over the years, a container of aid to the Congo, an organ to Portugal for a mission school, a container of medical aid from Worcester Royal Hospital, which was on it’s way to Senegal when God intervened and it was redirected to Haiti. The doctors were trying to operate without any anaesthetic machines and these just happened be on board the truck. They said God knew better than they did where it needed to go. Eventually a truck did get to West Africa. Hope Carrier Trust now sends out aid to Nicaragua on a regular basis Congo Zambia has also received aid. They have sponsored a young man to go out to Nigeria with Mission Africa  helping to run camps for young people. The aid comes from all over Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Wales , Birmingham and even as far away as Kent.  Hereford also helps the homeless, providing them with furniture and household goods and then introducing them into church families. Helping to make them “family” .

Many schools are involved with the Shoebox project, 2000 went out last year and they hope to send out even more this year.

What began as a one off trip has become a life's work but none of it could have happened without the miracles God has provided. Arthur and Yvonne say when you have nothing of yourself then you have to rely on Him and He has not failed them. Providing money for the truck and also the money to purchase the building and the land which they have been working on for the last three years saying Isn’t God wonderful, as are also the lovely people God has sent into their lives over the last 13 years. Giving  Him the praise and the glory for it all.

Arthur and Yvonne said if you would like to be like them and be a carrier of hope to the poorest of God’s people or would like to help please contact them at http://www.hopecarrierstrust.co.uk/