Recent Missions

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The church is actively involved in sending much needed equipment and supplies to the Children of Honduras trust. The church also is involved in supporting and funding a school in Idukki, Kerala, and a large children's sunday school project in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in South India


Athma Mari Ministries – India

We support Pastor Jacob George who is out on the mission field in the Highrange tea plantations in Kerala, India. The mission has been able to set up schools to educate the young children in the largely hindu dominated environment and there has been tremendous reception to the gospel in the area. As well as overseeing the building work at the Mount Betheny school near the town of Vandiperyar in the mountains of northern Kerala, he has also started two village sewing institutes near Chennai in Tamil Nadu.


                                            Pastor Jacob and his wife Maria





      1 of 30 students training to be Tailors






                        Pastor Kevin sitting in on                                                the childrens lessons



The india mission outreach now has a dedicated site -, please visit it for full details